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How To Play Spanish 21

After all, it is widely known that blackjack is among the few casino games that allow players to make use of successful betting systems and gameplay strategies. The game plays under slightly different rules, some of which may confuse you if you lack sufficient experience with blackjack. The optimal strategy is also different for this blackjack variation because certain cards have been removed from play. On the other hand, if you’re counting cards, every tenth of a percentage point counts. And if you’re a card counter, memorizing a new basic strategy won’t be hard for you.

The dealer shall then collect and reshuffle the cards in accordance with § 635a.5. Each card shall be removed from the dealing shoe with the hand of the dealer that is closest to the dealing shoe and placed on the appropriate area of the layout with the opposite hand. The dealer may deal cards to the first two betting positions closest to the dealing shoe with the same hand. Except as provided in subsection , Spanish 21 shall be played with six or eight decks of cards that are identical in appearance and at least one cover card. The decks shall consist of 48 cards, with the 10 of each suit removed from each deck during the inspection required under § 635a.4 . Blackjack—An ace and any card having a value of 10 dealt as the initial two cards to a player or the dealer.

In fact, that’s one aspect of Spanish 21 that doesn’t differ from blackjack. The dealer doesn’t mind if you use a basic strategy chart to card—as long as it doesn’t slow down the game. If you want to get the correct basic strategy for Spanish 21, my suggestion is to find a site with a printable basic strategy specific to the rules variations you’re facing. When discussing basic strategy for regular blackjack, I usually recommend learning the strategy via a list or via a series of paragraphs explaining the various situations. You’ll hit a total of 10 if the dealer has a 9, 10, or ace showing. But if the dealer has an 8 or lower showing, the number of cards you have affects your choice of doubling down.

Like side bets on traditional blackjack tables, the house edge on the “Match the Dealer” bet is substantially larger than that of the main game. Astute gamblers will generally want to avoid the side bet, but should the urge to play it strike, it should be noted that the odds are least unfavorable to the player in eight-deck games. In six-deck games, the house edge is 3.0555% and in eight-deck games it’s 2.9855%. The Spanish 21 game is played with six to eight Spanish decks. That is your traditional 52-card deck minus the four tens to make up 48 cards in total. While this may seem like a slight advantage towards the dealer, the rules are different to the standard rules of blackjack and favour the player more heavily.

If the dealer hits soft 17 and redoubling is not allowed, the house edge is about ¾ of a percent (.75%). Players may wonder why they would want to play a version of Blackjack in which the odds are worse off for them. The truth is that this house edge is leveraged by additional in-game rule changes and advantageous bonus payout scenarios, evening the score for the players. Similar to blackjack, players will need a basic strategy to effectively play Spanish 21 if they aim to have a chance of winning against the house. You can find basic strategy charts online but we have put together the best tips for Spanish 21 strategy. Landing mixed suits of 7,7,7 or even 6,7,8, offers a payout of three to two, and two to one for all the same suit.

It’s played by up to 7 players on a custom blackjack table. The next table if for when the dealer hits a soft 17, redoubling is allowed, and the player has not already doubled. The potential bonus payout for five- and six-card 21 also affects the playing strategy. In fact, you’ll risk busting some hard totals containing four, five, or six cards by taking another hit for a chance at a bonus 21 payout.

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